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Brown KR, Otasek D, Ali M, McGuffin M, Xie W, Devani B, van Toch IL, Jurisica I.

Division of Signaling Biology, Ontario Cancer Institute and the University Health Network, Toronto, ON, Department of Software and IT Engineering, Ecole de technologie supérieure, Montreal, QC, Departments of Medical Biophysics and Computer Science, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON.

SUMMARY: NAViGaTOR is a powerful graphing application for the 2D and 3D visualization of biological networks. NAViGaTOR includes a rich suite of visual mark-up tools for manual and automated annotation, fast and scalable layout algorithms, and OpenGL hardware acceleration to facilitate the visualization of large graphs. Publication-quality images can be rendered through SVG graphics export. NAViGaTOR supports community-developed data formats (PSI-XML, BioPax, and GML), is platform-independent, and is extensible through a plug-in architecture.

AVAILABILITY: NAViGaTOR is freely available to the research community from Navigator.

Installers and documentation are provided for 32- and 64-bit Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix. CONTACT:

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